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Construction Recovery Initiative for Cities & Counties
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In today’s economic environment, we know that cities and counties carefully review every expenditure to ensure that the districts receive full value on their investments. It is especially important that the cities and counties maximize the return on investments in capital projects such as new construction, renovations, and air conditioning upgrades.
Some Types of Defects
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Roof & Window Leaks
HVAC Imbalance – Humidity
Foundation Problems
Improperly Installed Electrical and Plumbing Systems
Water Pooling Next to Building
Inadequate Insulation
Chinese Drywall
Condensation Around Registers
Wall Cracking

If you have had a major capital project in recent years and there are considerable defects related to the project, contact Gravely & Pearson L.L.P. The necessary legal steps will be taken to recover monetary damages for cities and counties when there have been construction defects in various projects.
There is no financial commitment until there is a settlement or judgement
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