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Are you experiencing construction related problems with your home?
Many homeowners suffer with leaking roofs, poor drainage, cracked foundations, faulty heating, ventilation, air conditioning and siding issues among a multitude of other problems. Fortunately, homeowners are protected from such defects during the first few years of ownership.
Most construction defects do not occur by accident. They are due to careless and shoddy building methods or design. Although the majority of builders perform their work diligently and scrupulously, several abuse the trust that buyers place in their services.
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Time is not on your side.
As a homeowner, you need to be familiar with your legal rights when confronted with construction defects in order to protect your property value. There are statutes limiting the amount of time available to make a claim for construction defects, so if you suspect a problem, get legal representation immediately.
There is a solution.
We are committed to effective and efficient representation of our clients through settlement negotiations, and if necessary, litigation and trial. By maintaining strategic alliances with industry experts, we can minimize expenses and maximize results for you.
Experienced Counsel does make a difference
We focus exclusively on this highly specialized area of the law. Our attorneys and staff have extensive experience in dealing with the multiple parties and complex issues that are often involved in construction defect cases.
We have years of experience representing homeowners in construction defect cases against developers, contractors, and their insurance companies.
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We understand what you are going through.
We know the emotional and financial strain that our clients face, and that is why there is no financial commitment until a settlement has been awarded. Many come to us after months of unsuccessful attempts to solve the problems themselves. By expediting your case as much as possible and maintaining an open communication, Gravely & Pearson can reduce the stress experienced by our clients.
Our team at Gravely & Pearson will assist you from the initial investigation, throughout resolution, and even during the restoration of your home.
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