Complex Litigation/Appellate Strategy

Seeing into the future of a case is the key to great results.

The Complex Litigation Group at Pearson Legal, PC goes beyond what most firms offer through an appellate or litigation support section. We handle a broad range of appeals and motions . . . but we do much, much more to give our clients’ their best shot at a successful resolution of their cases.

A case is usually won or lost by how well attorneys anticipate and plan for the key issues that will define the case in negotiations, trial and eventually appeal, if necessary. Our Complex Litigation Strategy Group understands the importance of anticipating the major procedural and technical issues right from the outset of the case. Our approach is designed to get the best results for our clients by seeing the scope of the entire case from the very beginning, recognizing the issues that will turn the case one way or the other, understanding where and how insurance coverage issues fit into the big picture, and developing technical and procedural plans to navigate the crucial twists and turns of the case in ways that best benefit our clients.

Pretrial Strategy and Trial Support


The attorneys in our Complex Litigation Strategy group prefer to be involved from the outset of each case. This includes drafting petitions and complaints, preparing and responding to motions, crafting creative discovery strategies,and working with our trial lawyers to develop facts that will support the strongest legal positions.

Complex litigation strategy involves understanding the law as it relates to the case, but also understanding the complicated, technical issues that will be critical as the case develops. We work with experts to ensure that the positions we take for our clients are well-thought-out and mesh with our overall strategy for the case. We also develop strategies for attacking the technical merits of the other side’s claims or defenses.


Our Complex Litigation Strategy group is also special because our attorneys are well-versed in insurance coverage litigation, both in the third-party (liability) and first-party contexts. In addition to developing winning strategies for trial and appeal, we analyze available insurance coverage, plan for potential insurance coverage litigation and potential complications in coverage, and integrate coverage issues into our litigation strategies to make sure we also give our clients their best chance at actually recovering something when we win and posturing cases for the best resolution by settlement. We also analyze recovery and judgment execution strategies involving issues and payment sources other than insurance.

10317422_lAppeals & Beyond

Of course, complex litigation strategy is ultimately about planning for the possibility of an appeal. The attorneys in our Complex Litigation Strategy group are well-versed in civil and appellate procedure and work with the lawyers preparing each case to ensure that our clients’ positions will be as strong as possible if an appeal is necessary. We handle appeals in state and federal courts, extraordinary writs such as mandamus, and petitions for review to the Supreme Court of Texas.