Steven Biasatti and Paul Gross

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What seemed like a straightforward property damage insurance claim evolved into our fortunate discovery of Super Lawyer, Matthew Pearson. While other attorneys seemed disinterested, or ill-qualified, to defend our specific claim, Mr. Pearson’s experience and commendable recent successes representing plaintiff’s like us, made choosing him a no-brainer. Without Mr. Pearson’s interest and willingness to take our case, we would have had no further recourse pursuing a six-figure claim that had been repeatedly denied by our insurer. Mr. Pearson was not easily deterred. He challenged lower court decisions, appealed unfavorable rulings and ultimately prevailed for us with a favorable decision from the Texas Supreme Court. Not only did this 7 year legal progression to the highest court result in our case’s success, it set precedent for other similar Consumer Protection cases, changing a common insurance practice which only benefited insurance companies. As a result of our case’s success, future insureds may now claim and potentially receive significant additional damages when insurers deny and delay rightful claims. Mr. Pearson’s diligence and skill singularly stand above the legal crowd. His knowledge, demeanor and efficient staff deserve nothing but our highest recommendation. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Pearson and his support team.