Keely Garcia

Director of Marketing

Keely manages the needs of our Western US clients and experts. She is heavily involved in the data gathering at the beginning of a potential case, and connects current and potential clients with resources and information.


After spending 10 years working with large commercial and housing properties, managers, and owners, Keely easily stepped into her marketing role with the firm in 2018. While effortlessly connecting with new people and old friends, and identifying their potential needs, Keely finds satisfaction in creating original education. She is always open to discuss hot topics and new trends that our attorneys can present in an engaging and interactive way.

Keely resides in Colorado with her family and enjoys spending Saturdays watching her kids play little league baseball or hitting a water park. While getting a lot of “windshield time” driving to visit both clients and friends, Keely revels in a good audiobook or exciting new podcast. She is always open to your suggestions on what her next listen should be.