Month: January 2020

Pearson Legal Files Lawsuit On Behalf Of Victoria Independent School District Against Property Casualty Alliance of Texas

VICTORIA, Texas, Jan. 28, 2020  — The Victoria Independent School District (VISD) has filed a lawsuit against its insurance carrier, Property Casualty Alliance of Texas (PCAT), to be compensated for extensive damage sustained by the district-wide school facilities as a result of August 2017's Hurricane Harvey.  In the lawsuit, VISD seeks to recover approximately $22M in damages that the Di...
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Do You Have Adequate Homeowner’s Insurance?

Disasters that can strike your home — including hail, windstorms, fires and tornadoes — are always traumatic. By carrying sufficient homeowner’s insurance, you can at least have some peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to recover. But typical coverage is often based on three factors: what you paid for your home, its current market value and your mortgage. This may leave you short when it com...
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