Insurance Recovery

Pearson Legal, P.C. specializes in insurance recovery and represents individual and commercial policyholders against their insurance companies on a statewide and national basis.

These claims typically involve losses caused by, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, windstorms, fires, explosions and other weather related events. However, we also represent business owners who have suffered losses because of interruption to their business. We have successfully recovered policy benefits and bad faith claims handling awards for thousands of policyholders over the years. Our clients include school districts and owners of apartment complexes, commercial buildings, hospitals, medical facilities, manufacturing facilities, museums, historical buildings and large and small homeowners.

Our Insurance Recovery Group is also special because our attorneys are well-versed in insurance coverage litigation, both in the third-party (liability) and first-party contexts. In addition to developing winning strategies for trial and appeal, we analyze available insurance coverage, plan for potential insurance coverage litigation and potential complications in coverage, and integrate coverage issues into our litigation strategies to make sure we also give our clients their best chance at actually recovering something when we win and posturing cases for the best resolution by settlement.

Our insurance claims expertise includes:


  • Wrongful Claims Denials
  • Underpayment of Claims
  • Improper Claims Handling
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Insurance Broker Negligence
  • Insurance Agent Error
  • Disability Insurance Denial

If your property has suffered a loss don’t let your insurance company hide behind the claims process or confusing policy language. Contact us to learn more about your options and your rights in an insurance recovery dispute.

The lawyers at Pearson Legal, P.C. have:

  • Been recognized for the largest insurance verdict in Texas two years in a row according to Verdict Search.
  • Won significant appellate victories against insurance companies, including AIG, Travelers, Guide One, Southland Lloyds, and Everest National Insurance Company.
  • Served as Amicus Curiae Counsel in cases involving commercial insurance property rights both in the Texas Supreme Court and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for a number of large trade groups representing commercial and government property owners, including the Texas Community Association Advocates Texas Apartment Association Texas Automobile Dealers Association, Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals, Texas Association of School Boards, Texas Hotel & Lodging Association, Texas Association of Counties, Texas Municipal League, and International Council of Shopping Centers.
  • Served as Amicus Curiae Counsel at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on coverage issues for property owners, representing 11 trade groups, including the Texas Hospital Association, Texas Hotel & Lodging Association, Texas Apartment Association, Texas Automobile Dealers Association, Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals, and Texas Association of School Boards.
  • Successfully tried many cases to Texas juries on insurance coverage issues.
  • Written law review articles, papers and delivered continuing legal education presentations in a variety of insurance topics.

Commercial Properties

Natural disasters affect businesses as well as individuals. Damage from fire, hurricane or tornado can prevent your business from operating and may affect productivity, profit and stock value. When an insurance company refuses to fully and promptly pay insurance claims, the resulting losses can be disastrous! You need insurance compensation, so you can get your business back in operation without further delay.

School Districts and Other Governmental Entities

Governmental entities must answer to the people they serve. They are responsible for keeping water flowing, trash collected, and power grids up and running. In the event of a major catastrophe, these cities and towns must find the means to make sure these services either remain intact or are back in service as quickly as possible. Having represented policyholders of all types, Pearson Legal, P.C. is adeptly qualified in making sure municipalities and local governments fully recover.

Condominiums/Townhomes/High-rises/HOA’s/Mixed Use


The division of responsibility for property damage is determined by the by-laws of the condominium association and the interests of both the individual owners and the condominium/townhomes/high rises/HOA’s association must be taken into account.



Damage to a church or religious facility from a fire, hurricane, wind, rain, theft, vandalism or tornado can prevent your organization from operating and may affect numerous individuals in your congregation. When an insurance company refuses to fully and promptly pay insurance claims, the resulting losses can be disastrous! When you need insurance claim compensation, so you can get your facility back in operation without further delay, hire a qualified insurance claims attorney.



Our firm offers industrial insurance claim analysis, evaluation and consultation involving property losses and business interruption in industrial structure settings resulting from damage caused by a covered peril, material and construction defects, improper loading conditions and water damage. Evaluation of loss in an industrial insurance claim is used to determine the cause and scope of the damage. Repair cost estimates and schedules will be determined to provide a guide for correcting structural defects and ultimately prosecuting a claim against the insurance carrier when the insurance company acts in bad faith with wrongful delay or denial of payment.

Residential Homeowners


Your home is more than just a place to live. When your home is damaged, you lose more than possessions, you lose an important part of your life. Serious property damage is always distressing, but having your homeowner insurance claim denied can leave you emotionally and financially devastated. Pearson Legal, P.C. can help you fight against an insurance company that won’t pay your residential property claim. Let us deal with the insurance companies that are wrongfully delaying your payment or denying your homeowner insurance claim altogether so that you can focus on your life.