Many cases begin at other law firms and are referred or co-counseled with us. Pearson Legal, P.C. welcomes such relationships.

New matters are frequently referred to us by other lawyers from all over the country. Whether they know of our reputation and record of success, or have partnered with us previously, in either case they have confidence that we will diligently represent and obtain the greatest results for their clients.

Pearson Legal, P.C. is committed to devoting the legal, financial, technological and staffing resources necessary to aggressively prosecute our cases and bring them to a successful conclusion. Many firms around the country have worked with us for  years.

We Invite Your Inquiries

We invite inquiries from law firms. If you are an attorney seeking to affiliate with us on a case, please call us today at 210-732-7766, or contact a Pearson Legal, P.C. lawyer in the area of concentration most relevant to your case.