Company Partnerships

shaking-handsPearson Legal, P.C. successfully litigates high-stakes commercial litigation with contingent and other creative fee arrangements.

Pearson Legal, P.C.’s experience with high-stakes contingent fee work make us uniquely qualified to handle your commercial litigation business on a contingent or alternate billing arrangement.

Corporate law departments are under pressure to reduce outside legal fees. Companies want to pay for results, not time. Pearson Legal, P.C. can help in-house legal departments contribute to their company’s bottom line by pursuing your high-stakes litigation using contingent fee agreements. We can also work with your company under a mutually agreeable fee structure tailored for the unique circumstances of your case, without sacrificing the quality of your legal counsel.

We offer top-notch representation in commercial and business disputes with low-risk contingency fee arrangements. This is an important consideration for companies disinclined to pursue legal action notwithstanding a legally cognizable injury for fear of high litigation costs and an uncertain return. Pearson Legal, P.C. has achieved unparalleled results representing plaintiffs in business and commercial litigation.

How Can We Help Your Business Achieve Its Litigation Goals?

Our focus is always on helping our clients successfully achieve their litigation goals. If you wish to speak with us about a potential litigation matter, please call us today at (210) PEARSON, (210- 732-7766), or contact a Pearson Legal, P.C. lawyer who practices in the area of concentration most relevant to your case.