February 17, 2022
Pearson Legal

Victoria ISD Education Foundation receives single largest gift in Foundation History

VICTORIA, Texas – Pearson Legal awarded Victoria ISD Education Foundation with the single largest gift in Foundation history, totaling $200,000. This award is the single largest gift ever that San Antonio-based Pearson Legal, P.C. has given the district.

Robin Harkey, executive director of the Foundation, released the following statement:

“This tremendous contribution represents a beacon of light that will further fuel the programs and initiatives of the Foundation while illuminating new possibilities, one of which may be an endowed scholarship,” said Robin Harkey, executive director of the Foundation. “The donation received from Pearson Legal is in obvious appreciation, and understandable amazement,” added Lucy Herrera, the Foundation’s board president. “Our mission to provide enriching opportunities for students will continue to thrive and grow with this level of support.”

Currently, the Foundation funds Grants for Great Ideas, the crown jewel in their arsenal of outreach to Victoria ISD. It also funds dual credit scholarships for students who attend Victoria College and scholarships to graduating seniors, among other projects in service back to the district.

Matthew Pearson, the founder of Pearson legal, released the following comment:

“It was a privilege to represent VISD and to work with its exceptional administration, staff and maintenance department. We wanted to give something back to the VISD community to show our appreciation for the trust they put in our firm. My children and I are products of the Texas public school system, so I know firsthand the critical role that education foundations play in the school system. I know they will do great things with the donation.”

Dr. Quintin Shepherd, superintendent of schools, released the following statement:

“The VISD Education Foundation is an answer to the question ‘what’s possible?’ and Pearson Legal has firmly planted themselves as a partner in helping us answer that question as we change lives for our students and staff. Their unprecedented generosity offers great hope for our future.”

Valerie Cantu, Senior Counsel for Pearson Legal, spoke on why her firm donated the money to VISD:

“All of our attorneys are products of the public education system as are our children. We understand and appreciate and value the benefits that come from strong teachers and administrators in the public education system. The majority of our practices at our firm is representing school districts and assisting them when they have construction defects or storm losses and requiring help in getting insurance benefits,” said Cantu. ” Being able to work successfully with districts around the state and provide them the resources they need to recover from catastrophic storm that compromise their buildings and the educational environment is both a privilege and truly a pleasure for us,”

Since the Foundation’s inception in 2008, it has awarded over $700,000 and now there will be more opportunities for students for years to come.