August 3, 2020
Pearson Legal

When is the right time to consult an attorney in the insurance claims process?

You may have suffered a loss from property damage caused by hail, tornado, hurricane, windstorm, fire, explosion or other weather related events, or you may have suffered losses due to a business interruption. Either way, your first course of action is to file a claim with your insurance company.

Keep in mind that an insurance claim is a business transaction, and you may not see eye-to-eye with your insurer. Although you’re expecting to receive full benefits, it’s the insurance company’s goal to pay out as little as possible. The insurer may attempt to obfuscate details with unclear or confusing language or use other delaying tactics.

When to seek representation

Some policyholders consider that hiring an attorney is a last resort when dealing with an uncooperative insurer, but there are some good reasons to obtain representation earlier in the claims process:

  • Since experienced attorneys know the legal obligations of insurance companies, they recognize when a company violates statutes or attempts to undervalue your loss.
  • If your policy mandates appraisal, an experienced attorney can help you successfully navigate the appraisal process.
  • Attorneys can review your policies to ensure you are performing all policyholder duties.
  • Attorneys can advise you of impending statutes of limitations.

Public adjusters are specially skilled at assisting you during the claims process, but if they reach an impasse with the insurance company, you should consult a licensed attorney for legal advice. When it comes to fighting for what is rightfully yours, you may need to consult an attorney specializing in the insurance industry. Since insurance companies typically have formidable legal counsel at their disposal, it is essential that you have equally strong representation on your side.

“The attorneys at Pearson Legal, P.C. have considerable experience in insurance coverage litigation in Texas and in other states,” said the firm’s founder, Matthew R. Pearson. “In addition to developing strategies for successful litigation outcomes, we also provide advice for those who are actively seeking coverage.”

Our services include

  • Wrongful Claims Denials
  • Underpayment of Claims
  • Improper Claims Handling
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Delayed Payments

The firm has experience with a wide variety of properties, including the following:

  • Commercial
  • School districts and other government entities
  • Condominiums, townhomes, high-rises, HOAs and mixed-use properties
  • Churches
  • Energy and Industrial
  • Residential and homeowner

If you find yourself at loggerheads with your insurance company, contact the experts at Pearson Legal, P.C.. Our team collectively has over 60 years experience in representing policyholders against their insurance companies — and we’ll help you to recover the policy benefits you deserve.